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This below the image post page of the blogger website.

If you don't post any post yet it will show "No Post" because you did not post a single post. Learn how to post in a blog below.
 First click the New Post button on the top left of this that page.
Second Write Title and description to reach your blog to earn money.

Thrid Make a label for the blog in the sidebar to show it category wise.
Fourth get a link for the created post in the permalink (Link of the post to share with your friends to get traffic and to earn money with that.

Step 3:

You can see the real-time statistic in this stat section to get the data like, which country your post has been sawed.

Step 4:

You can see the real-time comments in this section to get engaged and you can also reply to their comments on your post.

Step 5:

Earing that you earned will be shown in your AdSense account. If you need to earn money from a blogger you need to create an AdSense account to receive the amount.

Step 6:

These pages will allow you to customize the themes and layout to look blog in a beautiful and awesome structure.

Layout Page to edit layouts:

Customize Page to customize Themes:

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